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February 27, 2021

Marietta, GA newborn and maternity photographer, Casey McMinn Howard with Casey McMinn Photography, has all the tips for what you should pack in your hospital bag for when baby arrives!

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You’re having a baby!!! Yay!!! This is going to be the most amazing time of your life. Seriously, becoming a parent is hands down the most amazing adventure you’ll ever go on!

So the time is coming soon, baby will be here in a few weeks! Time to pack your hospital bag! Make sure to pack your bag around 36 – 37 weeks as babies can be born a few weeks early so you’ll want to be ready just in case!

What do you need?? Here are some essentials that I packed in my bag, as well as some things that I never found mentioned in any information, but were a big help to my husband and I during each stay at the hospital when our kids were newborns.

Newborn photographer Marietta, GA
  • photo ID, insurance information and any hospital forms (most hospital forms are done online now, so you’ll likely already have these done and submitted to the hospital well before your due date)
  • fuzzy socks: I brought several pairs and even wore a pair during labor for my first child. I’m a big creature of comfort and I love my fuzzy socks. They were so nice to have, especially during December, for the birth of my first child.
  • hair tie: You’ll definitely want your hair up during labor, especially, but also probably the rest of your stay as it’s so much easier for feeding baby to have your hair up
  • chapstick: this is given to you at the hospital, along with some other necessary items, such as shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste and hair brush, but it is nice to have your favorite chapstick if you’re a creature of comfort, like me.
  • snacks: These were really for my husband because most of the time while you’re in labor you’re not able to consume anything, except for ice chips, but sometimes being in labor can take a long time and it’s nice to have snacks for your significant other. The vending machine is a quick option, if necessary, but those options get old, quick!
  • nursing pads and a few camisoles: One thing I didn’t realize I needed after the birth of my first child was nursing pads…then all the sudden a few days into our hospital stay, my milk came in and there was nothing to catch it. Maybe too much info? Nah! This is something nobody prepares you for. You’ll want to bring some nursing pads and stick them inside of a camisole. I found camisoles so much easier and comfortable for nursing, compared to wearing a nursing bra. Just pull one side of your camisole down to nurse, then pull it back up when baby is done feeding. I actually used this method for several weeks / months after baby’s birth. For me, it was so much easier and so much more comfortable.
  • toiletries: This one is pretty self explanatory – bring the toiletries you’d normally pack to go anywhere (travel size stuff is best since it’s small). The hospital will also provide you with a toiletry bag as well, so in case you forgot all toiletries it really would be fine! Also, there is a hair dryer provided at the hospital as well. Most of the time I didn’t even bother drying my hair, but it was nice not to have to pack my own.
  • a few pairs of loose, lightweight lounge / sleepwear for your stay. This is something I didn’t use during my stay, as I stayed in the hospital gowns provided, the entire stay. I only ended up wearing my own clothes for the ride home from the hospital.
  • pillow and blanket for your significant other!! Trust me, bringing your own pillow and blanket from home will be so nice for your significant other, as the bed they have to sleep on isn’t very comfortable and the blanket provided at the hospital isn’t the warmest.
  • going home outfit for mom and going home outfit for baby, as well as a baby blanket

Make sure to check out our next blog post, which will be detailing what your significant other should pack in their bag!

If you haven’t had a second to read about the high end, luxury process at my studio, take a look at my website. It is such a fun and different process and so much fun for my clients. You’ll leave the studio with prints in hand and have all your printing needs taken care of, because, let’s be honest, doing that on your own can be a huge task…especially with a sweet little newborn!


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