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March 3, 2021

Marietta, GA newborn photographer, Casey McMinn Howard, explains the importance of printing your pictures.

printing your pictures

The year is 2038. Your baby girl is about to graduate high school. It’s unbelievable how time flies. You feel like it was just yesterday that she was born. How did she grow up so fast? She used to fit in your arms so perfectly as you rocked her to sleep at night. Now she’s getting ready to go off to college. Crazy.

printing your pictures

Your daughter’s high school has requested a baby picture from each of the seniors that will go in the school newspaper alongside a little snippet about your child and what their plans and dreams are after graduation. So, you start searching for the perfect picture and decide you’d love to use one of your favorite newborn pictures of her from her newborn portrait session. You go to your computer, but quickly realize that when your daughter was a newborn, 18 years ago, you had a different computer, of course. That computer has been long gone because it crashed years ago. In the mix of life when your computer crashed you didn’t even think about the fact that your daughter’s newborn pictures were stored on that computer. After all, it was so long ago. Then you think, well surely I have my pictures stored on a usb drive or some sort of device. You can’t find an old usb in your house anywhere so then your last resort is to contact the photographer who took your daughter’s pictures to see if they just might still have your images from 18 years ago and you hope they will be able to send them to you somehow. But, no. When you look up your photographer online you realize they closed down shop years ago. Now what? That’s it. You quickly realize you no longer have ANY of your daughter’s newborn pictures that were so very important to you. You’re sick to your stomach at the thought of losing all those precious memories.

Print your pictures, my friend! Physical, printed images are by far the best form of backup you could ever have. When you print your memories you’ll never have to worry about losing your images to a digital data loss or the digital graveyard.

At Casey McMinn Photography, I specialize in providing you will a luxury service from start to finish. You’ll leave with beautiful pieces of artwork to put up on the walls in your home. Your images will come to life through printed artwork. You’ll actually get to see those beautiful portraits daily, as they don your walls. And, best of all, you will never, ever, have to worry about losing that memory to the digital graveyard.

Marietta, GA maternity photographer
Printing your pictures bring them to life!
printing your pictures

Bring your pictures to life – display them in a main living space in your home, a nursery, or master bedroom. Not only will you have beautiful artwork to hang on your walls, but you’ll also have a physical copy of the image just in case you need it for backup years down the road.

If you haven’t had a second to read about the high end, luxury experience at Casey McMinn Photography, take a look at my website. You’ll love your experience! You’ll leave the studio with prints in hand and have all your printing needs taken care of, because, let’s be honest, doing that on your own can be a huge task…especially with a sweet little newborn!
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