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March 2, 2021

Tips for moms with young babies!

Hi beautiful friends! After going through the newborn / infant / toddler stage multiple times now with my own children, and working with so many newborn babies at the studio, I figured it’d be super helpful to share some of my tips with you all on things that have helped me with my babies and all the babies I’ve photographed.

Marietta, GA maternity and newborn photographer

Here are a few things that I found help a lot with infants and toddlers. These may seem totally random to you now, but when your child gets to that stage you’ll totally be able to relate! In no particular order, here they are:

Random tip #1: Use a nighttime diaper

Nighttime diapers are different than daytime diapers in that they are more absorbent – allowing for longer stretches of sleep and soon enough, sleeping through the night. We use Huggies Overnites and they work wonders! These diapers are available starting at size 3. What you want to do is get one size up than what you normally use during the day. For example, my son wears a size 3 diaper, but at night we put him in a size 4 Huggies Overnite diaper. This allows for extra absorbency and comfort and you’ll be sure to get a lot more sleep in each night.

Helpful tips for moms. Newborn photographer Atlanta, GA.

Random tip #2: Use a sound machine

To some this might sound like a no brainer, but if this is your first child you may not have heard of using a sound machine at night. I use one for my kids at night and also with the babies that come into the studio. I crank it all the way up on white noise and it automatically relaxes and soothes baby. Use it every night and for nap time and before you know it your baby will start falling asleep just by turning on the sound machine. Here is the simple, easy to use sound machine I recommend – click here. There are also portable sound machines if you’re in a pinch and need one while you’re away from home – click here.

Marietta, GA newborn photographer

Random tip #3: When your child gets old enough to get out of his / her pj’s at night just simply put their pj’s on backwards

This happened with my 1st child. We would put her to bed then she would take off her pj’s and diaper without us knowing and then we would wake up to a wet mess in her crib in the morning. The backward pj’s trick needs to be done with footie pjs that button or zip. You can use the pj’s without the feet too. If your pj’s have feet on them you’ll just twist the feet part towards the front in order to get your child’s feet in and pj’s on backwards successfully. They won’t be able to Houdini their way out of the backwards pj’s!

Tips for moms
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Tips for moms with young babies.

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