Marietta, GA Newborn Photographer | Casey McMinn Photography | Top 3 newborn products I cannot live without


September 4, 2020

Marietta, GA Newborn Photographer | Casey McMinn Photography | 3 newborn products I cannot live without

As a newborn photographer in Marietta, GA I see SO many moms come in and out of the studio! And, as I rapidly approach the birth of my 3rd baby I thought it’d be helpful to share all the wonderful products that I’ve loved having for the newborn stage with all you beautiful mamas out there. I see so many moms, especially new moms, when they bring their newborns in for pictures and naturally we always get to talking about everything BABY! As a mom of 2 (almost 3…due October 2020) there are some baby products that have stayed tried and true throughout the newborn phase with all my babies. In no particular order, here are some of my favorite newborn products that I cannot live without! Part two of my favorite things will roll out next week so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Nose Frida – Call it crazy, all it weird, when you hear the concept of this your immediate reaction is, “Gross! I’ll never do that!”…but, yeah, you will haha. Upon first hearing of this crazy cool contraption I had that same thought, but this nose sucker is literally THE BEST! Ditch the bulb nose suckers and get yourself a Nose Frida! When babies get stopped up, it’s so hard to help them get all the snot out of their nose so they can breathe better, but not with this guy! Put a couple drops of baby saline solution in each nostril, pull out the Nose Frida and snot be gone!

Johnson and Johnson lavender wash, shampoo and lotion – I learned quickly that getting your baby on a routine schedule every night helps tremendously! One thing I always start doing with my babies when they’re really little is bath time every night, followed by lotion, before bed. I’ve always loved the Johnson and Johnson lavender products because it’s so soothing to baby and also gentle on their skin. When you start doing the same thing every night your baby will start to recognize that it’s time to relax, wind down and best of all, recognize that it’s nighttime and it’s time to go to bed…that means the sooner you start doing these routines with them, the sooner there will be more sleep for mommy and daddy in the future. After the bath I always use the lotion on my babies and do a light, quick massage to really get them relaxed.

Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit – When my babies get to 3 months old we bring out the Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit! The name in itself makes you want to buy it, right?? Because, let’s face it, with newborns we are exhausted and will try ALL the things to get our babies to sleep through the night! When I first put my sweet Millie in the sleepsuit it was hysterical to me because she literally looked like she was wearing a snowsuit! This thing is thick you guys, but not too think, just right…the thickness of the suit is what’s the magic part…it muffles the startle reflexes your baby has at night (which is what wakes them up and keeps them from sleeping through the night), enabling them to successfully sleep ALL.NIGHT.LONG. Doesn’t that sound amazing? When we started using the sleepsuit for Mille at 3 months it was smooth sailing from there and we have been sleeping through the night ever since! Also, when it came time to transition Millie from the sleepsuit to regular pj’s it was a non issue as she was already trained to sleep through the night from the sleepsuit, so, the transition was seamless. Can I get an AMEN??!

Stay tuned for my other 3 favorite newborn products blog rolling out next week!

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