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September 16, 2020

Hello beautiful friends and sweet mamas! Here is part two of newborn products that I cannot live without and have absolutely loved having around with all my babies. Here are the best newborn baby products I’ve found to make my life easier.

Sound Machine – Pairing a sound machine with some of the products mentioned in my previous post (Johnson & Johnson baby wash and lotion and the Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit) will create the perfect bedtime routine for your little one. A routine is so important! That’s how you get your babies to go to sleep every night like clockwork and how YOU get more rest!!! With my babies, after I bathe them, lotion them and put them in their sleepsuit I will turn on the sound machine to white noise (that’s just what we prefer, but that’s personal preference). There are all sorts of sound machines out there, but the one that we have used year after year is super simple and gets the job done. If you continue to do this same routine every night your baby will very quickly learn that when that sound machine comes on it’s bedtime and that my friends is a WONDERFUL thing! Along with that, it’s just really nice to drown out any extra noise around the house to avoid waking baby up. The soothing sounds keep them sleeping all night – HIGH FIVE!

Night time diapers – It seems like all my favorite products are centered around keeping a baby sleeping all night, haha! It’s a wonderful thing! When baby is going to bed at night I’ll put a night time diaper on them. I love the Huggie’s Overnites brand, but there are several brands out there. Night time diapers are thicker and more absorbent, allowing your baby to sleep for longer without being woken up by a wet diaper. I have never had one of my babies get diaper rash from not changing their diaper during the night because these suckers are so absorbent and really get the job done! A little trick I also do is buy these diapers one size up from their daytime diapers…a slight bit bigger to allow more room to collect all the wetness from the night – another step closer to sleeping all night if they aren’t already – MOM WIN!

Baby carrier – Ok mom, at some point you’ll need to put that sweet baby down so you can get a few things done around the house. I love using a baby carrier of course when I’m out and about with baby, but especially at home when they’re still really little and not wanting to be put down ever. A simple carrier like this one can be used from the newborn stage all the way up to 6 plus months old. Using a baby carrier was so nice because I could still keep baby close to me AND have both my hands to get a couple tasks done around the house during maternity leave – AMEN! Especially helpful if you already have a couple kids (toddlers) that need your help – put your sweet little newborn in the carrier!

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