The Newborn Wobble: Why Your Tiny Treasure Might Shrink (Just a Tad!) by ATL newborn photographer


January 15, 2024

The Newborn Wobble: Why Your Tiny Treasure Might Shrink (Just a Tad!) by ATL newborn photographer, Casey McMinn Photography. Congratulations, new parents! Your precious bundle of joy has arrived, and you’re basking in the glow of parenthood. But wait, amidst the snuggles and diaper changes, you might notice something surprising: your baby seems to be… shrinking? Don’t fret, mamas and papas, this temporary dip in weight is perfectly normal, and here’s why:

The Newborn Wobble: Why Your Tiny Treasure Might Shrink

Nature’s Grand Cleanup:

Remember that cozy little womb your baby called home for nine months? It was a world of constant nourishment through the umbilical cord. But now, with the big arrival, your little explorer enters a brand new world where they need to learn to eat and digest food on their own. This transition takes time, and in the meantime, there are some natural processes happening that lead to an initial weight loss:

  • Fluid Farewell: In utero, babies are surrounded by amniotic fluid. After birth, they expel this fluid through urination and sweating, leading to a natural weight dip of up to 10% of their birth weight.
  • Meconium Matters: That first sticky stool, meconium, is made up of swallowed amniotic fluid and other substances from the womb. Once it’s cleared out, there goes another bit of weight!
  • Sugar Shift: In the womb, glucose from the placenta kept your baby’s blood sugar stable. After birth, it takes time for their own digestive system to regulate this, leading to temporary fluctuations in weight.

The Newborn Wobble: Why Your Tiny Treasure Might Shrink

The Rebound Begins:

But fear not, this tiny phase is fleeting! By day 7-10, most newborns begin regaining their lost weight thanks to frequent feedings and their efficient little bodies learning to process nutrients. Expect your little one to be back to their birth weight, and beyond, within the first few weeks.

Keeping an Eye Out:

While temporary weight loss is normal, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Excessive loss: If your baby loses more than 10% of their birth weight or doesn’t regain it by day 14, consult your pediatrician.
  • Feeding woes: Difficulty latching, frequent vomiting, or poor feeding can hinder weight gain, so seek guidance from your doctor or lactation consultant.
  • Wet and dirty diapers: While weight loss is happening, ensure your baby is having enough wet and dirty diapers (around 5-7 wet and 3-4 dirty per day) to indicate proper hydration and digestion.

The Newborn Wobble: Why Your Tiny Treasure Might Shrink


Newborn weight loss is a natural part of the transition to life outside the womb. Trust your instincts, follow your pediatrician’s advice, and keep those snuggles coming! Your little one will be bouncing back (literally!) in no time, ready to embark on their wonderful journey of growth and exploration.

Bonus Tip: To track your baby’s weight gain, regular checkups with your pediatrician are crucial. They can provide reassurance and guidance through this important developmental stage.

So, breathe easy, new parents! The initial weight dip is just a blip on the radar of your baby’s incredible journey. Embrace the cuddles, enjoy the milestones, and trust that your tiny treasure will soon be thriving and growing bigger and stronger with each passing day.

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The Newborn Wobble: Why Your Tiny Treasure Might Shrink

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