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February 2, 2023

You’re expecting a baby, congratulations! I’m sure there are so many ways you want to commemorate this special time of your life. Casey McMinn Photography’s luxury newborn photo studio specializes in capturing stunning images for newborns. We focus on popular baby girl newborn photo poses and decor to create specialized artwork and heirlooms for your baby girl.

Whether it’s your first or fourth, I’m sure you’ve heard how fast time seems to fly once becoming a parent. There are so many memories and milestones and you don’t want to miss a single one.

Newborn photography is a special way to capture the unique memories, emotions, and beauty of the first few weeks of your new baby’s life.  

Keep reading this blog post to learn more about the popular baby girl newborn photo poses we specialize in at our Atlanta baby photography studio.

The Art of Newborn Photography

Newborn photography is truly an art form. The sweet innocence of a newborn baby is so special. At Casey McMinn Photography, we love to capture these pure, raw emotions for your family to cherish forever. Outside of family portraits, there are a variety of poses and styles for Atlanta newborn photography sessions. 

The sleepy newborn photos are classic and timeless. Poses like the butterfly and froggy are more dynamic and elegant. Each pose has its own charm and appeals to parents and families. You may already have poses in mind that you want to be captured for your child! At Casey McMinn Luxury Newborn Photography Studio, we strive to showcase every newborn’s unique beauty and character.

Preparing for Your Atlanta Newborn Photo Session

As a parent, you want a photographer that captures the special moments of having a newborn baby and understands the safety of caring for newborns and placing them in such delicate positions for photos. Preparing for a newborn photo session requires planning and care for both parents and the photographer.

As your Atlanta baby photographer, we take time in the days leading up to the session to plan out poses, props, and backdrops for your session. Parents should bring along any special items they want to include in the photos, like name sign or blankets, and ensure that the baby is clean and well-fed before the photoshoot.

Once you arrive at the studio, you can sit back, relax, and even grab a cup of coffee or snacks (some parents even take a well-deserved nap while their baby is posing for photos. We pride ourselves on offering a comfortable environment for parents and baby.

Casey McMinn Photography’s Unique Approach

We are so grateful to have served countless happy parents and families in the milestone of bringing new life into the world. Check out some of our amazing reviews from past clients!

At Casey McMinn photography we provide royal treatment for our clients. Hair and makeup are taken care of, outfits are included in our studio wardrobe, you really just need to show up with a positive attiude (and with your baby!) to capture these special memories that will last a lifetime.

We also pride ourselves on providing more than just photos, but also artwork for your home and heirlooms to pass down to your children. Our packages offer a variety of wall art and photo albums so you can customize how you want to preserve these memories.

Popular Newborn Photo Poses for Baby Girls

Here are some of the top newborn photo poses for baby girls:

Baby Girl Newborn Photo Poses | The Sleepy Newborn

A classic and timeless pose for all Atlanta newborn photographers. Your baby girl will be positioned on her back or stomach, with her arms and legs curled up in a fetal position to give the appearance of a sleeping baby. And it’s very possible your baby girl will be sleeping for all or part of her session!

Roswell, GA newborn photographer

Baby Girl Newborn Photo Poses | The Froggy Pose

The popular froggy pose is achieved by positioning the baby’s legs bent at the knee, with the feet near the bottom. Parents love this cute and playful pose because the baby looks like a little frog!

Baby Girl Newborn Photo Poses | The Basket Pose

Your baby girl will be placed in a wicker basket or other prop and positioned into comfortable, natural-looking position. Baby may be lying on their back, side, or stomach with their limbs curled up or out. The basket helps add an element of texture to the image!

Baby Girl Newborn Photo Poses | The Butterfly Pose

This adorable pose is achieved by gently positioning your baby girl’s legs in a butterfly shape, with her knees bent and the soles of the feet together. Baby’s arms can be crossed over the chest or tucked under the chin. Although this pose is more dynamic, it makes for an elegant and adorable picture!

Newborn photography Marietta, GA

Baby Girl Newborn Photo Poses | The Wrapped Pose

As a new parent, you will become very familiar with swaddling! In this pose, your baby girl is swaddled in a soft blanket or cloth and positioned differently for photos. Your baby girl may lie on her back, stomach or even sit up. This snuggly pose is excellent for showing off your newborn baby girl’s cute and tiny features, and she will look so comfortable!

Baby Girl Newborn Photo Poses | The Parent-Child Pose

A beautiful way to remember the first weeks of your baby’s life is by capturing family portraits. Portraits can be with both parents and the baby, with the mother and father alone, and even with siblings. These poses often represent the first photographs of a new family and bring a sense of bonding and love.

These are just a few examples of the many different poses for an Atlanta newborn photography session for your baby girl. As mentioned, safety always comes first in newborn photography. We will only photograph poses where we have experience and knowledge for posing your baby safely and comfortably!

How to Book Your Atlanta Baby Photography Session

To book your newborn photography session, fill out my contact form with your information and due date. I’ll get back to you ASAP with times to chat about your vision for the photoshoot. The earlier you book your pregnancy, the better – our calendar fills up quickly! 

The birth of a child is a huge milestone and worth capturing photos that will last a lifetime. Work with Atlanta’s best newborn baby photographer, and you won’t regret it. Check out past reviews from Casey McMinn Photography clients. Book your session today!

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