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October 26, 2022

Newborn photographers in Atlanta | The best age for newborn photos…this is probably one of the most asked questions by my clients. We are here today to answer that question for you and show you examples of newborn photography poses where the age of the baby really does matter.

The best age for newborn photos

As stated on my website,, the best age to take newborn portraits will be between 5 – 20 days old. In order to get those sweet, snuggly poses you want, here’s why:

  1. Sleep – Newborns sleep a lot during their first few weeks of life. A sleeping baby is going to be much easier to pose. If baby is awake at this age, it is usually because they’re hungry or have a dirty diaper, therefore, they are not too happy during these awake times in early life. A sleeping baby is a happy, settled baby, and that’s what is needed to get baby into their poses.
  2. Flexibility – During the first few weeks of life is when baby is still very flexible and able to be curled up easily. Curling up baby to get them into those super cute poses is much easier when they are only a few weeks old and flexible. They love it as well because they feel as if they are still in the womb while in these curled up poses.
  3. Newborn look – You would be surprised at how extremely fast babies grow. By the time you hit the one month mark they are already looking so much more grown up than their first few weeks of life. In order to capture the true newborn stage, you’ll want to take pictures between 5 – 20 days old.

The best age for newborn photos | Newborn photographers in Atlanta

Example Images of newborn sleeping poses

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Example images of newborn flexibility poses | Newborn photographers in Atlanta

Newborn photography in Atlanta and surrounding areas has become quite the art. Our Atlanta, GA newborn photography studio is booked months and months out. Please make sure to book your newborn session when you reach your 2nd trimester.

Example images of truly capturing the “newborn look” | Newborn photographers in Atlanta

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