Maternity photographer Atlanta, GA | The most popular maternity poses of 2022


October 4, 2022

Maternity photographer Atlanta, GA | The most popular maternity poses of 2022 are hot! Atlanta maternity photographer, Casey McMinn Photography, lists the top maternity poses from this year. And, let me tell you, they are on fire!

The beauty in maternity sessions is being able to show off the blessing of pregnancy, while creating a tasteful image. At our Atlanta area maternity and newborn portrait studio we focus on moms and babies. You’ll absolutely love your experience with us!

Most popular maternity poses of 2022

#1 maternity pose: Hanging maternity pose | Maternity photographer Atlanta, GA

The top most asked for maternity pose of 2022 has been the hanging “swing” image. This is a composite image where I will have the pregnant woman sit on a stool with sheer fabric clipped above her. The end goal of the image is to edit it to look like the woman is hanging or swinging in the sheer fabric. This is a backlit image, meaning I set the light behind the subject. Thus, creating a beautiful show stopping image that truly shows off the baby bump, as well as the beauty of pregnancy!

Maternity photographer Atlanta, GA

#2 maternity pose: Maternity fabric throw pose | Maternity photographer Atlanta, GA

Showing off a woman’s baby bump with fabric draped over her has never been more beautiful. This pose is done by draping chiffon fabric over the woman and shooting the image while an assistant throws the fabric up in the air. The movement of the fabric creates a one of a kind image, sure to showcase the beautiful mom to be!

Maternity photographer Atlanta, GA

#3 maternity pose: Laying down maternity pose | Maternity photographer Atlanta, GA

Being a maternity photographer in Atlanta, this laying down maternity pose has been popular amongst my clients. In this shot I have mom lay on her back (not for too long) in a high end ruffled couture gown. The ruffles are fluffed all around mom, while she holds her baby bump. There are a few varieties where the subject can be looking at their baby bump, or, looking at the camera. These always turn out so nice!

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