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January 10, 2022

Buckhead, Atlanta Newborn Photographer

The Importance of Printing Your Images

Buckhead, Atlanta Newborn Photographer
Buckhead Georgia newborn photographer. Buckhead family photographer.
Alpharetta, GA maternity and newborn photographer. Alpharetta, GA family photographer.

The Importance of Printing Your Images | Buckhead, Atlanta Newborn Photographer. Good morning, friends. Today I want to talk about the importance of printed portraits. It seems as if the past decade society as a whole has been so fixated on digital images. Since the introduction of the digital camera, print has faded. However, can you think back to your first, second or third digital camera? I know you went through a few of them, as did I. Now that you remember your first digital camera, I want you to think about where those images are? As sad as it is, I have no idea where any of my old pictures are, shot with a digital camera back in the day.

Buckhead, Atlanta Newborn Photographer
Decatur, GA maternity and newborn photographer. Decatur, GA family photographer.

Buckhead, Atlanta Newborn Photographer | Printing your images

I bet everybody has a similar story as I do when it comes to digital images. I would love to have some of my old pictures taken 10 – 20 years ago. If only my computer the digitals were on hadn’t crashed. Or, if only I still had the tiny usb drive from 15 years ago. Lastly, If only I could recover the digital images I had on my MySpace page (Now, I know that screams that I’m old). For all of us these scenarios sound oh so familiar. Thus, relying on only a digital copy is not the smartest thing to do.

Buckhead, Atlanta Newborn Photographer
Druid Hills, GA maternity and newborn photographer. Druid Hills, GA family photographer.

Use digitals as backups, not your primary source to save the image

I’m not saying don’t keep a digital file of your images. However, what I’m saying is to treat them like a backup. Send them up to the cloud to store, but please print them as well. I can personally say that I have boxes of printed photographs from years ago and printed albums. I know exactly where these tangible images are. But, for all the digitals living on old hard drives, cd’s, usb’s, old social media accounts – those are gone. I literally don’t know where any of those items mentioned are and if they were online I am unable to access those accounts as they are so old. Lesson learned, I always make sure to save my digitals on the cloud, but you better believe I’m printing anything important that I would not want to lose. Whether it be small prints or large artwork.

Dunwoody, GA maternity and newborn photographer. Dunwoody, GA family photographer.

Buckhead, Atlanta Newborn Photographer | The benefits of printing your images

So, there’s a very obvious reason it’s a great idea to print your images. Firstly, you won’t lose them!

Also, a really nice a fun part is you’ll get to see the ones on display everyday in your home. That’s right, you get to actually enjoy looking at them, instead of forgetting about them on your computer hard drive. Moreover, you deserve to see your memories everyday. After all, that’s what makes up you and your family are those beautiful memories.

Johns Creek, GA maternity and newborn photographer. Johns Creek, GA family photographer.

At Casey McMinn Photography, we do all the work for you

Where are your old photos?

Remember those old wedding photos from 15 years ago?

Where are they now?

I hope you had an album printed. I hope you have a large print framed in your house.

However, if you are like most, you probably got all the images digitally from your photographer and they have been living on your computer ever since.

When was the last time you saw those pictures and got to enjoy them? Or, better yet, did you ever get around to printing them?

I will be the first to admit that it took me years to print my wedding pictures. How sad is that? Such a monumental day never to be seen. In life we are so busy that we actually never end up printing our most important memories, if the task is left up to us. It just happens. Life gets in the way and then it’s 10 years down the road and we never printed the pictures, even though we really thought we would at the time.

We do the work for you

At Casey McMinn Photography we are a full service studio from start to finish. Meaning, we do all the work for you. At our studio we provide you with museum grade heirloom artwork for your images. You won’t have to worry about printing your own pictures, because, who has time for that? We are experts in our field and know how to get the job done. Thus, leaving you with the most beautiful artwork to display in your home. Enjoy looking at it for years to come, and when the kids grow up, you’ll hand it down to them.

These pieces of artwork are meant to be in your family for generations to come. They will truly be enjoyed by everybody.

Milton, GA maternity and newborn photographer. Milton, GA family photographer.

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